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Ever since I was a little girl back home in Sweden, with constant scraped knees and tangled hair, I´ve been restless, always wanting to do something an getting bored as soon as something took too long or I had to do the same thing to many times. I´ve always been the worst at waiting for anything. I didn´t even like to sleep because of the fear of missing out. As I grew older and I guess became an adult (awful thought!) this has actually not changed much at all. I still get bored and scrape my knees and the only time I enjoy being patient is on a plane, and that is only because I picture myself flying across the world towards the unknown and adventures ahead. 

Some people tell me that this is just phase, that I will get older and wanting to “settle down”. But in my heart I know that their version of settling down would bore me utterly… I have vision of kids and love in my future. Since I feel that the most rewarding thing in my life is experiencing new places, that would be what I want for my future kids, let them read the whole story of the world and its people. 

That’s why I hop on every chance to see a new place, experiencing a new adventure, well that and my constant fear of missing out (which has gotten way worse with people being crazy on social media, you literally SEE what you´ve missed every time you have to turn something down). Another thing is these amazing stories I gather when travelling, that I try to get into writing as soon as I can to always be able to remember it and to share it with my family and friends and whomever could be interested to hear (which should be a lot of people, my stories are quite awesome). 

I´ve now started a new adventure in New Zealand. I will study at the University of Waikato until June and try to go on adventures as much as I can! 

 The other day I stepped into Narnia with my new found friends, not a lie at all! Me and my flatmates sign up for a trip to cathederal cove this past weekend and we had a great time! After a bit of a drive we took our water bottles and started walking and the gassing sun with spf 30+ running down our faces, we are after all in NZ and they never let us forget about the sunscreen!, back home in Sweden the snow is still falling so my white, pale skin probably benefits from this quite a lot! Anyway, we walked and walked and my winter laziness came to show by giving my legs a hard time (I reckon my bum will look quite great after this adventure). As I eventually looked up after a while a stunning view revealed itself and I had to stand still for a moment and just take it all in. After months of planning, buying expensive plane tickets, e-mailing tons of people and freaking out over visa, applications, proof of schools, renting out my apartment and most of all getting everything into my bag that I of course started packing the day before… I just had a feeling of: I´M FINALLY HERE, IN NEW ZEALAND! 


In a place so gorgeous that they just had to film Narnia at this spot. I couldn’t wait to get down to the beach but I slowed down, took a deep breath and started looking at all the beautiful details, the leafs of the trees I don’t have back at home, the endless green meeting the sparkling blue water, the trees that I just had to climb in (yes that urge hasn’t gone away either) the feeling of freedom of not being able to see the end of all this beauty is just amazing. Then I of course took a ton of pictures to make everyone in cold Sweden jealous of my travels!  

We had a few hours on the spot of paradise, we swam, enjoyed the sun and re-enacted the scene in Narnia when they first arrives. 


I love beaches and this is definitely one of the greatest one I’ve visited. You have a bit of hike, a wonderful view and when you get down to the beach it´s quite secluded, like a surprise of beauty behind every corner, It doesn’t feel crowded either and there´s a lot of cosy places in the shadow as well as in the gassing sun, just don´t forget the sunscreen! (Oh god now I´m doing this too!). The only down side is that it´s hard to get to without a car, and if you have a car, be ready to park by someone’s house for ten bucks. 

I´m now sitting in front of my computer amazed by the fact that I´m constantly so close to adventure, to beautiful places and quite accurately, Narnia, I´m so excited about the adventures to come. I´ve been told that I´m as far away from Sweden as I can be (on land that is) and that gives me quite a thrill, totally worth the 30+ hour plane ride!

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